Week 1. February 4, 2024
Faith in the Midst of Trials. James 1:1-12
Pastor Dane
1. Trials are only joy when Christ is our ultimate goal.
2. Trials teach us to trust in the wisdom of God.
3. Trials remind us that God is our provider.
Application: How can we apply this passage to our lives?
How do you normally react to trials in (or amid) your life, and why?
How have your personal trials impacted your faith? What fuels this impact?
How (i.e., on what grounds) might it be possible to genuinely know the joy of the Lord amid trials? (cf. Nehemiah 8:1–12)
In what ways do you desire the Lord to lead you into a deeper understanding and anticipation of himself and his work, particularly during trials?

Week 2. February 11, 2024
Faith to Overcome Temptation. James 1:12-18
Pastor Dane
1.Stop blaming God or others.
2.Don’t conform but be transformed.
3.Look to the Father of lights.
1.Is there something or someone you need to remove from your life that has caused you to be tempted?
2.What promises of God’s word do you need to memorize this week and stand upon?

Week 3 - February 18, 2024 - Pastor Dane
Faith When You’re Angry
James 1:19-21
1. Know who you are.
2. Listen fast and slow down.
3. Have the right kind of anger.
4. What is planted will grow.
What makes you angry, frustrated, or aggravated most of the time?
What’s the difference between sinful anger and righteous anger?
What have you been angry about for so long that it has turned to bitterness?
What makes bitterness so dangerous for us as believers?
Who do you need to go to today and seek forgiveness?

Week 4 - Faith in doing God's Word.  / Pastor Ethan
Sunday, Feb. 25, 2024

 1. Don't get comfortable with the Word.
 2. This Word produces love.

 Are you only listening to the Word - or are you doing what it says?
 How has the Word of God changed you?
 What is one thing that God is asking you to do this week?
Take steps now to walk in obedience.