January 28, 2024
Devoted to Worship
Guest: Julio Alvizures speaks from John 4:4-26 on a life devoted to worship
January 14, 2023
Devoted to the Word
Pastor Dane
Various Discussion Questions:
1.What is one thing that you have learned from God’s word that changed your life completely?
2.What is something that you have learned in God’s word that you need to be doing?
3.Who can you share the word of God with this week?

January 21, 2024
Devoted to Fellowship
Pastor Dane
Discussion questions.
1.Are you currently serving at New Life Fellowship? If so, where? If not, why not?
2.What area of need can you share or meet on the blessing board?
3.Who is one person you can invite to New Life Fellowship in the next month?

January 7, 2028
Devoted to Prayer and Fasting.
Pastor Dane.
Text: Matthew 6:5-18
Discussion Questions.
How can we apply this passage to our lives?
How does prayer display our need for God?
How does prayer allow us to experience the power of being used by God?
Do you fast regularly? How has this sermon influenced your understanding of the necessity of fasting?
What day(s) will you fast over the next 21-days?